A shot of art

A weird hobby

I believe that at my age every man should be collecting something 🙂 That helps in organizing your life and gives you an illusion of accumulating enough treasures to be proud of yourself 🙂 Some people collect coins, others have a passion for vintage vinyl records. My mom has all shelves in her house packed with porcelain figurines. As for me, my hobby is a bit out of the box. You’ll hardly see a collection like mine at your friend’s. I’m going in for antique guns. I’m gonna tell you, this interest of mine isn’t cheap. As of today, I have two Colts, a Winchester, a Turkish hunting rifle and a true French musket! I’d like my collection to expand at a faster rate, but to be honest, I just can’t afford it. Unlike a fancy gun-themed decoration like this!

Color-loaded and ready to fire!

When you think of paintings, you probably imagine something beautiful and inspiring – say, a sunlit meadow covered with blooming flowers, a crystal-clear waterfall cascading between mossy rocks or a placid sea panorama with a silhouette of a lonely vessel looming on the horizon… That’s what most people would hang on their wall. But how about… a painting of a gun? I doubt a piece of décor like this can be commonly observed in our parlors! Seriously, have you ever heard about any famous gun paintings? I know I haven’t! At least, until now…

I stumbled upon this painting accidentally. I was googling for gun options to add to my collection and there it was. Frankly speaking, I’m not a great fan of art. There isn’t a single painting in my house. But this one drew my attention immediately. I loved the bright colors, I loved the unusual style and of course I liked the subject – a beautiful vintage pistol lying on top of two heavy books by the light of a candle… There was something incredibly romantic about it 🙂 I was totally charmed by this image, so I followed the link to learn more. And that what I found out:

  1. The author of the canvas is Leonid Afremov. He is some sort of a famous modern artist known all over the world for his catchy imagery and unique manner. You can check out one of his amazing gun paintings here.
  2. The man wields a special tool called palette knife. It’s kind of a cake shovel, only for painting 🙂 I watched a video of him using it – that looked cool.
  3. Finally and most importantly, his pictures can be purchased online, right on his site! There is a whole gallery where you can find a painting to your liking.

I guess I’m gonna buy one too, after all! 🙂





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