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My name is Derek Ashton. I’m just a simple guy from Ohio who is looking to make new, interesting acquaintances and participate in a few heated internet discussions 🙂 What can I tell about myself, I’m an old bachelor. Well, not that old, with only 35 years on my odometer 🙂 I guess I’m just not ready for family life yet )) My occupation is rather unusual – I’m what they call a confectionery artist. To put it simple, I decorate birthday and wedding cakes. I work in a small bakery downtown and also cook there, but I prefer to think of myself as a creative person rather than someone who simply follows the recipe 🙂 Perhaps I’ll make a cake for you one day, too!


A shot of art

A weird hobby

I believe that at my age every man should be collecting something 🙂 That helps in organizing your life and gives you an illusion of accumulating enough treasures to be proud of yourself 🙂 Some people collect coins, others have a passion for vintage vinyl records. My mom has all shelves in her house packed with porcelain figurines. As for me, my hobby is a bit out of the box. You’ll hardly see a collection like mine at your friend’s. I’m going in for antique guns. I’m gonna tell you, this interest of mine isn’t cheap. As of today, I have two Colts, a Winchester, a Turkish hunting rifle and a true French musket! I’d like my collection to expand at a faster rate, but to be honest, I just can’t afford it. Unlike a fancy gun-themed decoration like this!

Color-loaded and ready to fire!

When you think of paintings, you probably imagine something beautiful and inspiring – say, a sunlit meadow covered with blooming flowers, a crystal-clear waterfall cascading between mossy rocks or a placid sea panorama with a silhouette of a lonely vessel looming on the horizon… That’s what most people would hang on their wall. But how about… a painting of a gun? I doubt a piece of décor like this can be commonly observed in our parlors! Seriously, have you ever heard about any famous gun paintings? I know I haven’t! At least, until now…

I stumbled upon this painting accidentally. I was googling for gun options to add to my collection and there it was. Frankly speaking, I’m not a great fan of art. There isn’t a single painting in my house. But this one drew my attention immediately. I loved the bright colors, I loved the unusual style and of course I liked the subject – a beautiful vintage pistol lying on top of two heavy books by the light of a candle… There was something incredibly romantic about it 🙂 I was totally charmed by this image, so I followed the link to learn more. And that what I found out:

  1. The author of the canvas is Leonid Afremov. He is some sort of a famous modern artist known all over the world for his catchy imagery and unique manner. You can check out one of his amazing gun paintings here.
  2. The man wields a special tool called palette knife. It’s kind of a cake shovel, only for painting 🙂 I watched a video of him using it – that looked cool.
  3. Finally and most importantly, his pictures can be purchased online, right on his site! There is a whole gallery where you can find a painting to your liking.

I guess I’m gonna buy one too, after all! 🙂





Eat and travel

There are two things I love most in this life: travelling and trying ethnic dishes. Once my plane lands and I set foot on a foreign shore, the first place I head for is the nearest restaurant where I can get a taste of local cuisine. You can’t even imagine the things I risked putting in my mouth on my trips! Believe me, there is nothing like enjoying worm tacos with a cold beer or feeling the delicious crunching of freshly fried crickets on your teeth 🙂 I’ve been to many countries and each of them had something in store to surprise me. I even picked up a few recipes from chefs I met 🙂 But don’t worry, I’m not going to share the secrets of preparing a perfect jellyfish soup 🙂 Instead, let’s talk about something we all love and something I’m actually a true expert in – sweets 🙂 When I was in India, I was amazed by the wide assortment of tasty – and healthy! – desserts represented there. The one I liked most is called rasgulla https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rasgulla. It is actually quite easy to cook. You’ll require cottage cheese (its Indian variety in the original recipe), semolina dough and sweet syrup. What’s next? Simply shape the dough and cheese mixture into small balls and simmer them in the syrup. The gentle, creamy taste of this dessert will make your mouth water!